Working Like a Woman


Being a woman has power like never before. We are starting to have a real voice and a place at many tables. However far we have come,  we are still the minority in leadership roles and the mentors we have still do not look like us. There are some great male mentors out there don’t get me wrong. I still use them as a resources EVERYDAY at work. But to be frank, they still do not fully and deeply understand where I am coming from. The struggles that I and women in places of power experience on a daily basis are different. 

Let me introduce you to Working Like a Woman. Working Like a Woman is a place for the strong women of the world that are leaders in their field and are searching for more support and examples of mentors that understand, look like, and can validate them at a deeper level. Working Like a Woman is not just a place to vent our frustrations but also ways to overcome. It is not a place to bad mouth men because God knows I do love men… I mean really without the Brad Pitts’, George Clooneys’, and Dwaine Johnsons’ this world would not be complete! I am here to elevate the hard charging women trying to make the world a better place by supporting them and giving them a space to be.

The amazing thing about women is we naturally elevate our family situation, the economy, and the world when we are successful. Where I want to lend a hand is to the movers and shakers of the world in their times of doubt, worry, and frustration. I want to fill your cup back up so you can continue to improve the situation around you. I know even the Rachel Hollis’, Oprah Winfreys’, and Meryl Streeps’ of the world have their days of doubt and need support. Maya Angelo even gets imposter syndrome. 

The best part about Working Like a Woman is, as the creator of this space, I am still learning how to work-like-a- woman.  I am in a very male dominated career practicing medicine. I am a Doctor of Nursing Practice, trained as a Family Nurse Practitioner and am currently working in an urgent care. The urgent care is for minor emergencies and is very fast paced, male dominated, and factual in nature. There is not much space for feminist energy. This is if you look at it from the obvious angle but there are places for this type of energy to be implemented stratigically if you can pause and dissect it. There are ways to work that is aligned with who you are without having to become the bitch, one of the boys, or the hot woman who acts like a man. I am talking to you lawyers, politicians, doctors, entrepreneurs, non-profit builders, administrators, advocates, working mothers, fellow nurse practitioners, managers, CEO’s, COO’s, industry leaders, actresses, journalists, artists, directors, and anyone else that is trying to make the world a better and more beautiful place as a women. Men who support, mentor, and stand by these women you’re invited too!

Here we will take on topics that occur at work and how to handle them. We will have interviews and discussions with women and how they have made it as leaders successfully in their career. This space will give you a place to grow and learn from our experiences and yes our mistakes because we will make mistakes along the way. You can ask questions about situations that you have personally experienced that you wish you had handled differently, made you feel as certain way, that went well, or conflicts you are anticipating so we can work through them to prepare for the main event. 

This our place to talk about the deep stuff but don’t worry there will be humor and overwhelming motivation to keep it a positive productive space. This is the place where we become leaders in our work place as well as become our best selves creating our dream lives along the way.  

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