Most days you can find me geeking out over health and wellness. When I’m not, you can find me up in the mountains or out on the lake with my husband Steven and our vintage fierce, old lady dog, Joan. I am a small town girl at heart. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, on a timber farm just outside of town—which means cows, running barefoot in the woods with my sisters, and marrying that goofy blue eyed boy who’s been chasing me around the playground since 4th grade.

 And if you came here looking for a peek into my own health routine, know this–I celebrate all things in moderation. Good liquor, dark chocolate, and guilty pleasures—especially Vampire Diaries and Elizabeth Gilbert books are all some of my favorite things. So now that you know a little about the girl behind the stethoscope, let’s be friends. The health and wellness journey is more fun when you don’t go it alone!I am so excited to meet you and hear about your life soon!

I achieved my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Washington State University in 2011. I then completed my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in 2016 at Washington State University.

I am an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner recognized through the the American Association of Nurse Practitioners as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

I thought I had found my dream job and career when I was hired to become a primary care Nurse Practitioner.

However, two years into Primary Health Care and Urgent Care I realized I was only pushing pills and not helping anyone. It was horrible. Health care is supposed to be a profession of healing and emotional support-and here I was stuck pushing drugs like a dealer.

I had to make a change. So I started Revolution The Virtual Health Clinic.

Here, I connect virtually with you, and together we dive deep into your health needs  in a raw, real way. Today I heal lives.

So, if you are ready to revolutionize your health and transform your life…If you are fed up with only getting 10-15 minutes of face time with your primary care doc and are ready to do the work…You know where to find me!

With Love,